real rabbit fur cat toy

Kitties love to bat their toys around, hide them under the sofa, and carry them about the house. This rabbit skin Biscuit is the purr-fect size for flingin' around. It is sure to give your kitty hours of feline flinging fun! Add a rattle for extra noisy makin' enjoyment!  


This listing is for one (1) rabbit skin Biscuit. 


Details: Made with real rabbit skin (cotton fusible lining for added durability) stuffed with wool and USA grown organic catnip/silvervine mix (optional). 


Size: Approximately 2 3/4" in diameter including fur length. 


Hides are sourced from ethically raised and harvested meat animals.  

Each toy is a one-of-a-kind creation. Fur length, color and texture will vary.

Rabbit Fur Catnip Fetch Biscuit Toy, Rattle Cat Toy

PriceFrom $6.95