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DIY Rabbit Fur cat toy

*If ordered without customized toys, this item ships within 2 days.*

DIY rabbit fur teaser cat toy.  I HATE throwing things away! I have accumulated a large amount of rabbit hide scraps from making my kitty toys.  I utilize only the best middle portion of the hides when making my toys and the thinner skin/fur areas are scraps. Since I cannot just throw them away (seriously!), I am offering them for sale at a reduced price along with a 6-foot leather lace so you can make your own kitty teaser toy. Simply tie the leather lace around the scrap piece and Voila! you have a fun teaser toy! Go crazy, tie all pieces together, or divvy them out - your choice (well, actually, it is kitties choice, as you well know!) They will eventually be shredded by kitty claws, and oh boy! it will be so much fun. rarrrrrrrr And, hey bonus, the leather lace will still be a great toy when the scraps are shredded to bits!


Hides are sourced from ethically raised and harvested meat animals. You will receive 3-4 pieces of rabbit fur scrap and a 6-foot leather lace. The scraps may have ink markings, cuts, tears, thin spots, holes, etc. Note: leather laces vary in color and texture.



DIY Cat Teaser Toy, Interactive Cat Toy, Cat Exerciser, Rabbit Fur

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$4.77Sale Price
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