cat chase toy

The Furbits have been such a huge success with the kitties that I just had to make more!!  These extra floofy cat toys are a super hit with the kitties who like to chase, toss and carry their toys around. Made with little bits of 2-3" long, floofy sheepskin with a lace glued in the middle.  No worries, the glue is non-toxic white glue. Since these are made with bits of fur....Furbits....the sizes, shapes, colors, fur length, and leather lacing will be highly variable. 


Sold in 2 pack Furbits, colors vary.  However, if your kitty has a purrticular choice, please let me know!  Gotta keep kitty happy!!! 

Deluxe Floofy Furbit Cat Toys, Cat Chase Toy, Fetch Toy