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Cat Teaser Toy, Sheepskin Cat Toy, Wand Cat Toy, Flying Squirrel

Kitties love to chase furry, scurry toys about the house. This Flying Squirrel interactive cat toy will satisfy kitties' urges to chase, leap, pounce, and fly through the air! Use the 3-foot long leather lace to pull it across the floor, dangle it in the air, spin it around, tie it to your favorite wand, or whatever makes kitty happy.  12" Wooden wand option available.


This listing is for one (1) Sheepskin Flying Squirrel Toy with a white tail.


Details: Made with real Sheepskin with a floofy tail, lightly stuffed with wool and USA-grown organic catnip/silvervine mix, optional rattle. 


Size: Body size is approximately 3" x 2". Fur length varies and adds extra size.  For extra kicky fun a floofy tail is sewn into the bottom. A  3-foot long leather lace is sewn in so you can make it scurry about the house.

Cat Teaser T